Brent Strawn, 2018 Robbins Lectures at Samford

The lectures that Emory University professor Brent Strawn gave in March 2018 at Samford University are available online. The first was “The Old Testament is Dying,” the second, “The Bible, Story or Poem?” Strawn is a proud Samford parent, but he was brought over the mountains from Atlanta to Birmingham on this occasion by the Ray Frank Robbins Lectures. An annual endowed lectureship named after the Baptist New Testament scholar, the Rev. Dr. Ray Frank Robbins.

The lectures are archived online at vimeo by Samford University Library’s department of Special Collections. There are currently over 50 videos in the online collection and the number is growing. It includes a number of convocations from 2018 along with the opening convocation from August 2018. I do wish we had such videos of convocations from early in my tenure at Samford as well.

The library’s settings won’t let me embed the videos here, but I encourage you to view them.

In spring 2020, the Robbins lectures will be given by the Rev. Dr. Timothy George, former dean of Beeson School of Divinity.

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