Top Posts in 2019

The first full calendar year for this blog is about to conclude. I am grateful that some of what I have written has been useful to others. Here are the ten posts that received the most views in 2019.

10. “O Mercy Divine” Wesley’s Original Text and Weir’s New Carol Setting for Nine Lessons and Carols – December 26, 2018

9. Samford’s Gate: Baptists and the Bible – February 17, 2019

8. Remembering Jabez Curry and his Statue at Samford – July 9, 2019

7. Baptist Historical Sites in Downtown Birmingham – June 4, 2019

6. August 25 – Bell Ringing – Slavery – Samford University – Day of Healing – August 22, 2019

5. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – Closing after almost Seven Score Years – May 19, 2019

4. David Platt’s Reflection on the President’s Surprise Visit – June 3, 2019

3. Trump’s Unusual Brief Visit to Church – June 3, 2019

2. Slavery, “Servants,” and Samford – February 13, 2019

1. The Bidding Prayer at Nine Lessons and Carols: Innovation and Variations – July 27, 2019

The last post is far and away the winner with over four times as many views as its nearest rival. Search engines have sent a steady stream of viewers to it since November as people began planning their Advent and Christmas services. There were a total of 56 posts from 2019 you can find them all on the home page,

Thanks for reading and sharing what you read!

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