Lovick Holiness Church (Birmingham Churches & their Cornerstones 5)

Lovick Holiness church is perhaps my favorite rural church in the Birmingham area. It is a simple brick rectangular building narrow entrance consisting of a single door. Somehow a narrow door seems appropriate for a Holiness church (Matthew 7:13-14). But it also has a lovely flared roof, arched brickwork over the windows and arched wooden frames in the top sashes of the windows. The bricks are laid in American bond and look machine made. All this suggests to me that the church dates to no later than the 1930s. 1910s or 20s seems likely.

It is located at about 1910 Floyd Bradford Road. Google gives the city as Trussville (35173), but this community on a bend of the Cahaba River appears to have been known as Lovick. Now an industrial area, much of it has been annexed into the city of Birmingham.

The pictures below were taken on May 8,i 2010. I am rarely by this site. I’ve pedaled the length of Floyd Bradford Road once or twice, but it is not exactly bicycle friendly. As I recall the sign might not have still been up the last time I was by, and the church name yields little in a quick internet search. I’d be happy to hear of more information on the church or the community if anyone has it.

Click on the images in the gallery below to see them enlarged.

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Map of Sites in this Project

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