Groveland Baptist Church (Birmingham Churches and Their Cornerstones)

Groveland was a neighborhood on the eastern side of Woodlawn that was largely eliminated by the building of Interstate 59 and Interstate 20. A number of churches there were involved in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s through the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights. Groveland Baptist was among them. When forced to relocate in 1971, it moved to the central section of the Woodlawn neighborhood at 5437 Fifth Avenue South. (Since it is on the southside of Fifth Avenue, it falls within boundaries of Crestwood North in Birmingham’s official division of neighborhoods).

The bell and cornerstone from former 66th Street North building are preserved near the front door. A large stone near the left-hand corner of the building records the name of the trustees and deacons at the time of the move as well as the deacons from the original cornerstone–though not the names of the trustees which appear on the side of the original stone.

Unlike some church bells mounted in church signs, this one is hung so that it will still sound if you strike it.

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