Sixty-Seventh Street Methodist (Birmingham Churches and Their Cornerstones)

I’ve seen lots of churches with cornerstones (or date stones, they aren’t always on the corner) and I’ve seen a fair number of churches that are rebrick with stone quoins on the corner. They are particularly common on twentieth-century Colonial Revival churches. But this church in the western section of Birmingham’s East Lake neighborhood is the first that I have seen with the date inscriptions on the quoins, particularly two of the quoins.

George Turner, the architect designed many Methodist churches in Birmingham,. The building is now the home of Ninevah Missionary Baptist Church. The building to the left appears to be the church’s first unit, probably erected in the 1920s and does not appear to have a cornerstone. It is located on the northwest corner of Division and 67th Street North in Birmingham (the church lists its address as 10 67th Street North.

Read this first post for more on this series on Birmingham churches and their cornerstones.

Map of Sites in this Project

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