Religious Communities in Birmingham-Hoover, Alabama, Metropolitan Area

The US Religious Census was released earlier this month. I teach American religious history at Samford University. The census lists the number of congregations in Samford’s metropolitan area for 98 religious groups. Nationally, the census includes 372 groups. Muslims are all put into one category. Buddhists in three, Christian denominations are often tracked with great precision, but huge growth of nondenominational churches has led this to be the largest category in many places. In Birmingham they come in second with 323, behind the Southern Baptist Convention with 563 and ahead of the United Methodist Church with 143.

One important local denomination is not listed: the Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God. A Google search lists at least 10 AOH congregations in Birmingham. Also, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is not listed since its congregations are also aligned either with the Southern Baptist Convention or the Alliance of Baptists. Birmingham’s largest church is Church of the Highlands which is one of the founding communities of the Association of Related Churches, but this like the Harbor Network (which claims four Birmingham churches and used to claim a fifth) is perhaps best regarded as something other than a denomination. Like denominations, though, their websites features tools to find local congregations. Still, as the number of nondenominational churches grows the usefulness of counting denominations to get a picture of American Religion declines.

African Methodist Episcopal Church53
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church23
Alliance of Baptists2
American Baptist Association, The2
Anglican Church in North America4
Anglican Province of Christ the King1
Apostolic Faith Mission of Portland, OR2
Assemblies of God40
Baha’i Faith USA2
Baptist Missionary Association of America1
Bible Methodist Connection9
Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ World Wide, Inc.1
Calvary Chapel Fellowship Churches1
Catholic Church34
Chabad Judaism1
Christian and Missionary Alliance, The6
Christian Brethren1
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)7
Christian Churches and Churches of Christ1
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church22
Christ’s Sanctified Holy Church1
Church of Christ (Holiness), U.S.A.1
Church of God (Anderson, Indiana)17
Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)65
Church of God by Faith, Inc.1
Church of God in Christ26
Church of God of Prophecy17
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The12
Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc.11
Church of the Living God (Christian Workers for Fellowship)1
Church of the Nazarene18
Churches of Christ100
Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches2
Community of Christ1
Congregational Holiness Church2
Congregational Methodist Church1
Conservative Judaism1
Coptic Orthodox Church1
Cumberland Presbyterian Church11
Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America5
Diocese of the Holy Cross1
ECO: A Covenant Order of Presbyterians2
Episcopal Church25
Evangelical Free Church of America, The1
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America4
Evangelical Presbyterian Church1
Every Nation1
Free Methodist Church of North America2
Friends General Conference1
Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship7
Full Gospel Christian Assemblies International8
Grace Communion International1
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America1
Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies1
Hindu Temples4
Hindu Yoga and Meditation2
International Churches of Christ1
International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church2
International Council of Community Churches2
Jehovah’s Witnesses27
Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod8
Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ1
Muslim Estimate8
National Association of Free Will Baptists8
National Baptist Convention of America, Inc.7
National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.87
National Missionary Baptist Convention, Inc.82
National Primitive Baptist Convention, USA9
Orthodox Church in America1
Orthodox Judaism1
Patriarchal Parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church in the USA1
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)24
Presbyterian Church in America29
Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.1
Reform Judaism1
Reformed Episcopal Church1
Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America1
Reformed Presbyterian Church, Hanover Presbytery1
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia2
Salvation Army2
Seventh-day Adventist Church23
Southern Baptist Convention563
Southern Methodist Church1
The Church of God1
The Local Churches1
Theravada Buddhist1
Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations1
United Church of Christ4
United Church of God1
United Methodist Church, The143
United Pentecostal Church International13
Unity Churches, Association of1
Vajarayana Buddhist1
Vanguard Presbytery1
Vineyard USA2
Wesleyan Church, The1
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod1

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