Miles Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church (Birmingham Churches and their Cornerstones)

This handsome mid-century traditional church building is located at in Tarrant, Alabama, just northeast of Birmingham. As a crow flies, it is just a mile and three-quarters from the terminal of Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport.

Miles Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church purchased the building and dedicated it on June 29, 1997. Earlier it was Tarrant Church of the Nazarene. The Miles Memorial congregation dates from 1923. The pastor at the time of the dedication was Reginald D. Servant.

In 2011 St. Stephen African Methodist Episcopal Church merged with Miles Memorial to form New Seed of Faith African Methodist Episcopal Church. St. Stephen’s was located at 1536 89th Street North in Airport Highlands. Most properties in the neighborhood were acquired by the Birmingham Airport Authority around that time and the neighborhood is largely undeveloped land today.

Read this first post for more on this series on Birmingham churches and their cornerstones.

Map of Sites in this Project

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