Mt. Hebron Baptist Church, Thomas, Alabama

A few days ago I posted photos of a Mt. Hebron Baptist in Irondale. If you cross through Red Gap and journey to the other side of Birmingham near the banks of Valley Creek is another Mt. Hebron Baptist Church in Thomas. While Irondale remains a separate city, Thomas, was annexed into Birmingham at the beginning of 1911.

Mt. Hebron was founded in 1906. It built a new building in 1953, and the current building in 1980. It appears that the inscriptions on the 1953 stone were carried over to a new granite stone matching that for the 1980 building. J. Lige was pastor in 1953, J. P. Jones in 1980. S.E. Graves is listed as “P.C.” in 1906. I’m not sure if that means “preacher-in-charge” or something else.

All photos taken March 13, 2021. Click to enlarge

Read this first post for more on this series on Birmingham churches and their cornerstones.

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