New Beginnings United Methodist Church (Birmingham Churches and Their Cornerstones)

New Beginnings United Methodist Church is located at 2133 32nd Ave North in North Birmingham. It just a few blocks off of Interstate 65. The church was formed in 2013 from the merger of three historically Black United Methodist Churches in northern Birmingham: Douglasville in Collegeville (whose former location at 3117 34th Street North I reported on here), Mount Pleasant in Hooper City (located at 4048 Church Street North), and Wright’s Chapel here in North Birmingham. Since Douglassville was to the east and Mount Pleasant to the west, it makes since that they consolidated at this central location.

The cornerstone indicates that this building was erected in 1989 as Wright’s Chapel which was founded in 1922 by J.W. Wright, presumably the Wright for whom the church was named. Wright’s Chapel’s older building sits behind this one facing 31st Avenue North.

Older Wright’s Chapel building at 2130 31st Avenue North

Read this first post for more on this series on Birmingham churches and their cornerstones.

Map of Sites in this Project

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